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  1. Third person singular simple present of to ride.



  1. Plural of ride

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Rides redirects here. For the album by Reef, see Rides (album), and for the BBC television series, see Rides (TV series).
An amusement ride is any number of devices found at carnivals, fairs/funfairs, or amusement parks meant to appeal to various senses of the rider.

Carnival or Funfair/Fair/Fairground rides

Traditional and transportable rides found at Carnivals/Fairs, many of which may also be found in amusement parks Thillers (big coasters etc)

Amusement ride manufactures

Most new amusement rides are innovations of one of the major amusement ride manufacturers, and in fact many ride types are virtually brand names for particular product line.
From time to time, individual rides are manufactured or reproduced by large engineering companies, but the major manufacturers in the history of amusement rides are:

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